Perspectives Abroad

politics, culture, language – south east asia


img_0176junk, halong bay

img_0306floating village, halong bay

these dudes rented the kayaks. if you fancied some you told captain junk and he would pull over and they’d tie a couple behind until you reached a spot that just made you say, damn wouldnt it be nice to go kayaking here.

img_0260sunset, halong bay

i didnt know when i snapped the pic, but that lady in the row boat was coming right on over to sell me shit. i ended up buying a beer off her.



  Di wrote @

It’s breathtaking … Maybe we do need more than one day there. I’m looking forward to experiencing Halong Bay with you. It will, no doubt, result in many tiny moments and way too many photos. Let the countdown begin …

  dad wrote @

Finally a start on the promised “perspectives on Asia” . I wondered at each site we visited how it looked through your eyes.
Here’s my visual-” a lobby bar in a decent hotel in a very sketchy city and country-empty except for a handsome young redheaded boy wearing black and sipping a beer under a slow fan” A sight for sore eyes! Definitely shades of Casablaca.
The bookend to that was two days later watching that same person pedal off into the nite down a wide but nearly empty street in the same sketchy city to a wicker shack in the slums. Knew no-one, no resources, didn’t know the language in a dangerous country halfway around the world.

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