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dong gone dong

i’ve always wanted to eat at Dong Deung’s (it;s like there are two ways to say that wrong out loud). So i did. I ordered the vientiane fried beef and some chicken korma. it was insane. basically warm beef jerky dipped in sesame madness. and damn if this cat wasnt just going mental at the expectation of scraps. it was like the last people to eat at this table just fed that cat the meal of the century. i gave the cat some of my korma to make it go away. (i realize now that was bad korma)



  di wrote @

Oh my god! My father would be so proud.

  dad wrote @

You must be listening to too much CBC “As it Happens” on the inernet. Good show but really bad “puny” introductions.

  Mom wrote @

sooooooo did u take ur pepto bismal before u ate this crap??? u knew it was crap right?

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