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the bike

Lately, I’ve been getting alot of compliments on my bike. Which annoys me. The bike is grey and has pink flower decals on the cross-bar. On the seat stem it says “Happy free ride me back to the future.” Which I do. It’s a girls bike. That’s not what annoys me, mind you. It’s just that its my second one. The first was stolen. I went through all the just been fucked emotions. Anger at other for being a bastard. Anger at self for being so careless. Bummed over loss of cash money. Anger again about having to fork out more to rent another.

In a ballsy move i didnt leave a deposit this time. Just some bullshit gym ID from 3 years back. Even better, I rented it two doors down from the bike lady I owe money to for the last bike. I feel bad about that. I thought we had something, me and the bike lady. A casual understanding – from renter to rentee. And her dog had puppies that ran around everywhere and nibbled on my ankles when I visited.

There are things I like better about this bike. For one, more dogs chase me. You might think this would be a strike against the bike, but mostly it ends up being a day full of touching Frank Capra moments. Little kids on the side of the street and the ones in the tuk tuks driving by sitting on their parents knees get a huge fun on when they see momma pup with her teets dragging on the gravel going mental at my heels. Admittely, I was startled the first couple of times, but I tend to ham it up now. I’ve developed a nice little non-chalant sway when it happens and give my bell a little ring. (Oh, and the last bike didnt have a bell either)



  andy & milo wrote @

Wow I get some pretty hilarious visual images when I read your stories, I am sure they are far from what I should actually be imagining, but you are such a great story teller!

  di wrote @

So, you’re throwing a little Jimmy Stewart into the experience … in addition to the Graham Greene and Paul Theroux already present. 🙂

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