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the ma & the pa



the pa digging on some vietnamese coffee. the ma digging on him.


img_0359the ma was really blown away by the tombs at hue.


the pa getting measured for a shirt. she is standing on a chair. the ma said after the fact  ‘all men should own a short-sleeved black shirt’img_0447the pa waiting for alterations to the black shirt. it was night. it was a little hot. they were busy.

img_0281the ma made friends too.img_0329this is the spot where the ma finally gave up on finding a good glass of white in seasia. the food ruled mind you.img_0360the ma & the pa @ the imperial tomb of a puppet emperor


the only time the pa asked for the camera and took a pic. (we were at angkor wat at the time having lunch). he said “it’s the most amazing thing i have ever seen.” the pa built this stuff out of mechanos when he was 3. and here it was in use in cambodia bringing water to the people.


the ma digging the pa again


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  di wrote @

Fabulous photos, M.

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