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tucky noodles

there is a big billboard for axe deodorent across the street from where im eating. it is more or less an insult to everything i consider forward & progressive. but here. its downright revolutionary. nice. some sort of cream dripping from her lips.

when you are sitting on a pink plastic stool outside the neon of a convenience store for the second nite in a row, then, well, you know the noodles must be good. which they are. deep fry sugar and garlic with noodles and u just cant say no. is that a cuisine. because damn if i dont plan on ending up here every sat nite for the foreseeable future.

on the way home a semi-long tuk tuk pulls up beside me at the intersection loaded down with uxo’s and “tucky noodle” written on his top sign.

its the future really. decayed elegance. lets call it the nu-dark ages. 2969656569_a323d37e3f



  andy & milo wrote @

yum – deep fried sugar and garlic noodles -beam me up scotty!!! Great Pic, but you lost me at uxo’s and tucky noodles

  Michael wrote @

uxo=unexploded ordinance; tucky=vientiane english, i also dont know the meaning, neither does tucky, hence the confusion

  di wrote @

Decayed elegance – a great description of Southeast Asia. I’m not sure I can let you get away with “nu dark-ages” though. Perhaps one step too far …

  dad wrote @

Are you aware that UXOs are unexploded ordinance?

  Mom wrote @

Deep fried —- surely i read wrong —- did U actually mean deep fried!!!!

  Mom wrote @

yah so i’m the only one in the dark re the UXO’s —- must mean unorthadox kisses & hugs — no can’t b rite — ugly kisses & hugs. who cares i’m off to bed — so where’d u get the pix ?— nice

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