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the suk

between the che hats, fake deisel watches, and blind men with karoke machines strapped around their necks are the obama shirts. they have a distinct aesthetic. an airbrushed face and graffitied somewhere is the word “change.” alot of care seems to have gone into the creation of these shirts. the good bush / bad bush shirts by comparison are crude sketches. obama is crushed velvet. straight out of a headshop on granville.  i asked the vendor about ratio of sales. we spoke through a calculator. he was mute. no one buys the obama shirts he calculates, but sales at his booth overall are up since their arrival. there is an anology there.

and i wish now that someone had spent more time on those shirts. hired hammer & tongs or something. something more 21st century. 20 years on and kid A walks down the Suk perusing the che hats and crushed velvet obama shirts. that’s us. our time. our memory. our shirt. and the aesthetic is from the 70s. curses.



  dad wrote @

hey- you’re overthinking this. There is so much Obama paraphernalia out there that history won’t be focused on crushed velvet. I suspect there will be plenty of “Che” style lithographsand gold comemorative coins.

  kr wrote @

between Montel Williams selling quarters with stickers as Obama commemorative coins, and the kkk blaming him for the entire downturn, it’s nice to hear the little guy’s at least making a buck or two off that big friendly smile.

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