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the case of the burmese icebox

PD*26357890back in january the aussie coast guard picked these two up 60 miles off the coast.  they had managed to survive in their giant pink icebox in “shark-invested” waters (are there any other kind?) for 25 days through a cyclone by drinking rainwater and chunks of fish “vomited by seabirds.”

now if your thinking these two shirtless dudes in a giant pink cooler amongst the baby blue sea looks more like a still from a harmony korine film than a drama in real life, you wouldnt be the only ones. aussie doctors are stepping up claiming survival would have been impossible, plus the dudes werent even sunburnt.

now wait a minute. are we implying then that this was staged? (i feel like errol morris) that in some wacked-out attempt at gaining refugee status they asked their friends to drop them off in the middle of the ocean in a giant pink cooler with no food or water in the off chance they might get picked up by the coast guard….


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  dad wrote @

Can’t wait fot the real story to come out- the truth is likely to be starnger than the story as we know it so far.

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